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User Storage
- Send/receive emails up to 10MB in size
- 5 GB mail box
- 2 GB file storage
- Arrange your storage files in folders.
- Drag and drop files at your files storage.
- Access your stored files from any computer
- Send attachments from your file storage.
- Save attachments to your file storage.
- Upload files up to 10MB to your file storage.

- Enjoy 5 addition email addresses
- Change your 5 aliases at any time, as much as you want
- Choose from 50 different domain names
- Send emails from 5 different email addresses.

Customizable Access
- Advanced user interface, context menus and intuitive message selection.
- Advanced WYSIWYG editor for new mail, signatures and out of the office message.
- Multi language user interface
- Quick View and Quick Reply on any message
- Play custom sound when new messages arrive
- Download external POP3 e-mail
- Send messages through external POP3 accounts

- Manage important events easily
- Create event reminders
- Monthly, weekly and daily views
- Share events with other Shtrudel mail users

- Create sticky notes to write down valuable information
- Quickly create/view/edit notes while in mail

Spam/Mail Filters
- Antivirus will keep your mailbox free of viruses
- Setup your own Mail Filters and Spam Key
- Block addresses and domains from sending mail
- Protect messages from familiar contacts
- Display message advanced MIME headers

Message Rules
- Redirect specific messages to different folders.
- Mark specific messages in different colors
- Respond to a specific message

- Use RSS feeder to read messages subject and from address of up to the last five unread messages in each folder.
- Support for RSS 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0 and Atom 0.3

Sign up today and enjoy the great features Shtrudel mail has to offer!

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